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Teacher’s Resource Books

An invaluable Teacher’s Resource Book provides a comprehensive introduction to assist teachers in their short and long-term planning. A preview of each theme, along with the associated learning outcomes, is provided. This is followed by detailed lesson plans for each lesson.

The lesson notes provide the language exemplars, and associated language functions along with a wide variety of suggested teaching methodologies and strategies for the teacher. The elements, Tuiscint, Fiosrú agus Úsáid agus Cumarsáid along with the strands, Teanga ó Bhéal, Léitheoireacht agus Scríbhneoireacht are included in each lesson.

Each lesson is divided into three phases:

  • An Tréimhse Réamhchumarsáide
  • An Tréimhse Chumarsáide
  • An Tréimhse Iarchumarsáide

There are suggestions for assessment for learning at the end of each lesson as well as an assessment at the end of each theme to help teachers assess the pupils’ learning outcomes.
Practical examples for Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) along with suggestions for the informal use of Irish throughout the school day are provided for teachers.
Suggestions for integration with other subject areas are provided also.

NEW Teacher Planning

Bua na Cainte is fully in line with the Primary Language Curriculum for Gaeilge and now has the most up-to-date and comprehensive planning documents to enable you to implement the curriculum in an easy, practical manner in the classroom.

These well-formatted, easy-to-use documents are available in our updated Teacher’s Resource Books for Junior Infants – 6th class, and online, in editable format, on

The Planning provided includes:

» Yearly Plan / Plean Bliana

     • A comprehensive yearly plan of work for teachers at each class level aligned with the Learning Outcomes and principles of the Primary Language Curriculum

     • NEW Torthaí Foghlama numbering is included

» Term Plan / Plean don Téarma

     • Each term plan contains an integrated plan for each theme incorporating Oral Language, Reading and Writing

          – An Chéad Téarma
          – An Dara Téarma
          – An Tríú Téarma

» Monthly Plan / Plean Míosúil

     • The monthly plan outlines a suggested breakdown of themes to be taught during the year

» NEW Fortnightly Plan / Plean Coicíse

     • NEW fortnightly plans available for JI to 6th class

     • Provide additional support to the current planning material

» NEW Weekly Plan / Plean Seachtaine

     • Outlines Learning Outcomes for each strand: Oral Language, Reading and Writing

     • Emphasis on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

     • Flexible and can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of children in each class

» Individual Lesson Plans – Pleananna Ceachta

     • Available for every lesson in each theme of Bua na Cainte

     • Include the Learning Outcomes from the Primary Language Curriculum

     • Include strands and elements

     • Include the phases of each lesson
          – Tréimhse Réamhchumarsáide
          – Tréimhse Chumarsáide
          – Tréimhse Iarchumarsáide

     • All linked to the Pupils’ Book