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Bua na Cainte is a fully interactive, award-winning Irish Language Programme from Junior Infants to Sixth Class

Using innovative resources, it delivers an exciting and original approach to teaching Irish in Primary schools.

Bua na Cainte fully embraces and meets the requirements of Gaeilge for oral language, reading and writing in the New Primary Language Curriculum and enables teachers to implement it in a practical manner in their classrooms.


Bua na Cainte A, B, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 comprise a number of key components and the NEW Bua na Cainte 6 builds on the success and popularity of the programme with:

Interactive Resources

  • Animated Conversations
  • Animated Songs, Rhymes and Poems
  • Animated Stories
  • Listening and Comprehension Tasks and Games
  • Teacher’s Help screens

A Pupil’s Book

  • Plays a key role Plays a key role in the series, reinforcing the material covered online and encouraging children to practice using the Irish language in a variety of settings
    Used when children are working in pairs (Obair bheirte) and to revise and consolidate the language taught
  • NEW Bua na Cainte 6 also has a new Pupil’s Spelling and Grammar Book

A Teacher’s Resource Book

  • Provides a preview of the themes and language used throughout the programme
  • This is followed by detailed lesson plans and notes for each them
  • In the lesson plans and notes, a wide variety of teaching methodologies and strategies are suggested for the teacher

A New Parent App

  • Available for 2022 to support home-school links
  • The App includes a selection of the popular Conversations, Songs, Rhymes, Poems and Stories for each class level


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