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Bua na Cainte and the new Primary Language Curriculum

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Do we have to use the Pupils’ Book?

The Pupils’ Book plays a key role in the series, reinforcing the material covered online and encouraging children to practise using the Irish language in a variety of settings.
It is used in the communicative part of the lesson when children are working in pairs (Obair bheirte) and in the final phase of the lesson to revise and consolidate the language taught. For Bua na Cainte A and B, the language taught in each lesson is clearly outlined on each page, enabling parents to encourage their children to practise and use at home the Irish they have learned in school.

Do we need to be online to use the programme?

Yes, you will need internet access to run the Bua na Cainte programme.

How many laptops can we download the Bua na Cainte Online Interactive Resources to?

If you purchase a 1-user licence the download is for 1 laptop; a 2-user licence is for 2 laptops, and so on.

What if our laptop breaks or is destroyed – do we lose the programme?

You can contact Edco directly on (01) 4500 611 or and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

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