Interactive Programme

Bua Grab 1

The Bua na Cainte interactive online resources contain animated interactive daily lessons for all ten themes of the Irish curriculum and are delivered in Bua na Cainte A, B, 1 and 2 in the following way:

  • Comhrá

  • Measúnú

  • Scéalta

  • Acmhainní

  • Amhráin agus Rainn

  • Clár Bán

  • Tasc Éisteachta agus Cluichí

  • Cabhair an Mhúinteora



Comhrá 1 Comhrá 2


In each lesson, children can watch characters converse through Irish in exciting and interesting settings. The language throughout the programme is graded from theme to theme and from class to class.


  • Bua na Cainte A: 115 Comhrá Animations

  • Bua na Cainte B: 142 Comhrá Animations

  • Bua na Cainte 1: 126 Comhrá Animations

  • Bua na Cainte 2: 126 Comhrá Animations



Scéal 1 Scéal 2 Scéal 3


Each level of Bua na Cainte features a wide range of stimulating animated stories, incorporating new and traditional tales that will appeal to children of all ages. Text is displayed on-screen as the stories for 1st and 2nd Class are narrated, which helps pupils to prepare for formal reading in Second Class.


  • Bua na Cainte A and B: each level contains 13 Scéalta

  • Bua na Cainte 1 and 2: each level contains 11 Scéalta

Amhráin agus Rainn

Amhráin agus Rainn Amhrain 2

Each theme uses an extensive range of lively songs and rhymes to teach language in an enjoyable way. Characters perform the songs on-screen, often with actions, making the whole experience more interactive. For Bua na Cainte 1 and 2 the teacher can control whether or not the text of the song appears on-screen and there is also provision for manipulating the text line-by-line and forwards/backwards.


  • Bua na Cainte A and B: each level contains over 57 Animated Songs

  • Bua na Cainte 1 and 2: each level contains over 40 Animated Songs

Tasc Éisteachta agus Cluichí

Faigh an Abairt

Bua na Cainte A and B have a wide range of attractive games to motivate students to learn Irish in a fun way. The games include Tasc Éisteachta, Faigh an Difríocht, Cuir Ceist, Ceann Corr, Ceangail na hUimhreacha, Cluiche Kim, Cluiche Cuimhne, Tarraing, Biongó, Dathaigh, Cad é? Interactive Jigsaws, Dress the Character, Matching Games and Drag and Drop activities.


Bua na Cainte 1 and 2 have additional games including: Bí ag Léamh, Bí ag Scríobh, Faigh an Abairt, Feicim le Mo Shúilín, Faigh an Focal, Líon na Bearnaí, Cuir na Pictiúir in Ord and a Litriú section which presents spelling activities in an engaging and innovative way.


  • Bua na Cainte A: 368 Games & Activity Tasks

  • Bua na Cainte B: 311 Games & Activity Tasks

  • Bua na Cainte 1: 312 Games & Activity Tasks

  • Bua na Cainte 2: 310 Games & Activity Tasks



Formative assessment is an integral part of the Bua na Cainte programme. Every theme features a task to revise and assess the content of the theme.
There is an emphasis on assessment for learning in the ‘Tréimhse Iarchumarsáide’ of each lesson in Bua na Cainte.


Acmhainní 1  Acmhainní 2

A full range of printable teaching resources to help teach the content of the Bua na Cainte programme is included for each level. These include:

  • Pictures

  • Communicative cards

  • Bingo cards

  • Masks and finger puppets


For Bua na Cainte 1 and 2 there is also a new Léamh section which includes:

  • Luaschártaí 1

  • Abairtí

  • Luaschártaí 2

  • Leabhar

Clár Bán

Clár Bán 1 Clár Bán 2

In the Interactive Learning Environment, teachers are given a library of resources which provide plenty of opportunity to design differentiated activities. The resources include:

  • Backgrounds

  • Pictures

  • A selection of images to colour in

  • Litreacha (Bua na Cainte 1 and 2) – facilitates the learning of new sounds in the development of reading and writing

Cabhair an Mhúinteora

Cabhair 1 Cabhair 2

For each lesson, every story, song and activity in Bua na Cainte has a link to a corresponding Teacher’s Help page where there is a complete set of curriculum focused lesson plans for each theme.


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